Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bullet Burgers: Narcos Season 1

  • Plot: I'm a hot-headed DEA agent and I'm gonna narrate the shit out of this manhunt for Pablo Escobar, while also telling his side of the story. 
  • Style: A hard-R, gritty-as-shit gangster fest in the jungle, guaranteed to satisfy anyone's TV blood lust. On top of that, it's also a great serial drama that rarely gets boring.
  • Cast: Mucho fucking gusto. Sometimes a cast of unknowns is the best way to go. the only well-known face is Luis Guzman and while I wouldn't say he 'disappears' into his role, he's still a great choice for it.
  • It's kinda like: Soderbergh's Che meets American Gangster at a party, but goes home with Sons of Anarchy.
  • Best Thing: It's based on a true story, so it must be all true!
  • Worst Thing: It never addresses the irony that Pablo and his mortal enemy have the same last name.
  • Also check out: Jose Padhila's Elite Squad movies. They also star Wagner Moura, the sequel is the highest-grossing Brazilian movie ever, and they are awesome.

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