Monday, November 26, 2012

Bullet Burgers: Top Movies of 2012, Part 1: The Dark Knight Rises, Looper, The Avengers

Today on Bullet Burgers we look at three of my favourite movies of 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises

  • Similar to The Dark Knight, but where that is a 10, this is a 9.
  • Unlike The Joker who just wants to explode all the things, Bane wants to take over the city and be in charge. Meanwhile Batman has been sidelined for several years and has to make a big return. Those who have read Nightfall and The Dark Knight Returns will see tons of familiar stuff in here.
  • Like TDK, if you watch this at home, the aspect ratio switches back and forth, where scenes filmed with the IMAX camera are shown in 16:9 (Like your LCD TV), and the rest of it is in Anamorphic widescreen at 2.39:1 (Like most 35mm movies). And like TDK, I find it distracting - but I'm sure that some won't even notice.
  • Physically, Tom Hardy virtually turned into Schwarzenegger for this role. Expect to see him speaking in a German accent more.
  • Best thing: Anne Hathaway is fucking phenomenal as Selina Kyle. Is a lock for the Best Supporting Actress In Black Latex award.
  • Worst thing: Bane's ADR voice. Not that it was unclear - I understood him just fine - but that it doesn't sound like it's coming from anywhere near his face. 
  • If made in the 80s this would: Be Sam Raimi's Darkman.


  • JGL gets a layer of prosthetics on his face so that he looks like Kyle Chandler Bruce Willis. His acting sells it more than the makeup job. The Rian Johnson - Gordon-Levitt combo is a strong two for two.
  • They both play Hitman Joe; JGL kills Bruce, his future self, as his final job, retires rich, morphs into Bruce, sells his cleft chin to charity, escapes the aforementioned assassination and starts running.
  • This is my favourite movie that combines action with time travel - for once it's about the story more than the special effects, and like Inception, skips over the half-hour long scene explaining how the science works.
  • Hits the brakes halfway through while Joe sits down and enjoys a nice Emily Blunt. Takes its time to establish Blunt's character - almost the rest of the movie - and provides the story elements needed for a proper ending. And her son totally nails the angry-psychic-kid-gonna-fuck-you-up face.
  • Best thing: The diner scene. This needs no explanation.
  • Worst thing: "LOOPER'S GUNS HERE" sign on the wall above a plastic bin. A looper is an assassin - he's supposed to be anonymous. How many signs have you seen that say "HITMAN'S GUNS GO HERE" or "NINJAS PLEASE HANG YOUR NUNCHAKUS ON THE HOOKS"? Tsk tsk, Rian.
  • If made in the 80's this would: Star Bruce Willis as Young Joe and Clint Eastwood as Old Joe, and be titled Time Killers.

The Avengers

  • The Avengers is the most fun I've had watching a movie in years. Maybe not the year's best movie from a critical perspective, but my personal favourite. Yet another reason to be a Joss Whedon fanboy.
  • None of the cast is phoning it in; everybody is as good as in their respective movies, and Mark Ruffalo is great as Banner. Hawkeye and Black Widow also get plenty of screen time. 
  • The 16:9 aspect ratio, which is usually reserved for TV shows, gives it an artificial, 'too clean' look at some points - a slight distraction that I mostly noticed inside the Helicarrier.
  • The Every Time Someone Says 'Tesseract' Drinking Game is great for when you've got friends over. Try the non-alcoholic version for your nephew. 
  • Worst thing: Cap's uniform. And even then, not all that bad.
  • If made in the 80's this would: Be Roger Corman's Fantastic Four

Coming in Part 2: The Hobbit?

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