Friday, November 2, 2012

Bullet Burgers: Netflix Canada, Part 1

Have Netflix and live in Canada? I'm sorry. Here are some shows you might enjoy. There are bullets.
2 Seasons

Starring Damian LewisSarah Shahi, Adam ArkinBrent Sexton, Donal Logue

  • Charlie (Lewis) serves 12 years for murder, gets all zen in prison, then is exonerated and joins a procedural cop show. It's a great premise, but the story ark moves way too slowly.
  • His partner Reese is one of the most interesting characters but since I haven't seen Shahi in anything else, it's hard to tell if she's going for enigmatic or is just plain wooden. 
  • His boss (Logue), who enters later on in the season, is very likable but doesn't have much to do.
  • Cool gimmick: Bodies are almost always found in unusual places or positions, and not decomposed.
  • The writing is often sloppy. Adam Arkin is miscast as an idiot.
  • Tried it after Homeland gave me a man-crush on Damian Lewis. Blew my mind when I found out he was actually British.

2 Seasons

Starring Idris Elba, Warren Brown, Ruth Wilson

  • Idris Elba is one of the best actors in both movies and TV. As Stringer Bell I never guessed he was British.
  • Elba is channelling Bruce Willis as a middle-aged alcoholic cop and people around him die a lot.
  • Very gritty, well-written procedural cop show where things actually happen in the story ark.
  • Luther's Relationship with Alice (Ruth Wilson) is the most interesting plot point and something I haven't seen before, but then again I haven't seen everything.

1 Season

Starring Jeremy Sisto, Delroy Lindo, Timothy Hutton, Carmon Ejogo

  • Its ratings took a meteoric fall after the pilot, it was unceremoniously cancelled  before the season even finished airing. 
  • Very well written, directed and acted, and thus probably too smart for NBC.
  • Jeremy Sisto's Mr. Knapp is a total Bourne-ish badass, but his name is a bad gimmick that really stands out among all the smart things here. May have helped kill the show.
  • The Affleck Brothers' Gone Baby Gone was released the year after, and clearly took some notes from this.
  • Saw it in the bargain bin at a convenience store and bought it as a Christmas present. If you see it, do the same. 

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