Monday, October 14, 2013

If I Cast It: Uncharted

Nathan Drake: (thin) Nathan Fillion (Firefly)

Victor 'Sully' Sullivan: Bruce Campbell (Burn Notice)
Why did I refer you to Burn Notice instead of Evil Dead? Because in Evil Dead he's too young to look anything like Sully. Who else could work: Robert Deniro (the fan favourite for the role), George Clooney, John Slattery

Elena Fisher: Emily Rose (Haven)
Emily Rose? Wasn't she the chick who was exorcised in 2005 and then became Dexter's sister? Nope, turns out that the real-life Emily not only did Elena's voice in the games, but is also the non-voice-acting star of the show Haven. Anyone know if it's any good? Amy Smart also comes to mind.

Chloe Frazer: Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire)
Considering her Britishness, who else could work: Rebecca Hall, Rachel Weiss, Keira Knightly

Charlie Cutter: Vinnie Jones (Snatch)
 Just look at him. Jason Statham? He doesn't do supporting roles any more. And Vinnie is due for a role where's not a despicable asshole.

Harry Flynn: Sam Rockwell
For secondary roles, Sam Rockwell is who you cast when you want to turn a generic character into a likeable one - and he can even be a good villain. The man seems to be tailor-made for action comedies and yet rarely appears in them; he should be getting more starring gigs after his amazing performance in the tragically underrated Moon.

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