Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Filmburgers Podcast Episode 4: Kaijubilee

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Music: Love Junkie by Hotel Royal. The official video for the song is posted below. I know the keyboardist.

In this episode, Phil and I transmit from our giant Kaiju-fighting robots and discuss the recently-announced Emmy nominations and Pacific Rim. I am clearly tired from all the Kaiju-bashing.

00:30 - Emmy Nominations

08:50 - Music!

09:23 - Pacific Rim

18:39 - More Music!

And then, as usual, some random things & stuff & junk:

19:08 - The Wolverine / James Mangled Mangold

20:50 - Noah vs Noah? (Correction: Scott wants to do a Moses movie)

21:20 - R.I.P.D. / What Ryan Reynolds has in common with margarine

22:24 - Seventh Son looks like shit

22:42 - Only God Forgives is said to be shit

23:50 - Dead Man Down / critics are not to be trusted

25:00 - Man of Steel revisited Returns

Co-host: Phil Fleury
Edited and produced by Jeff

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